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of the G O P
Is this the next Fearless Leader to be fraudulently elected like the Imam Obama?
What we knew in 2008, that many of you are just now resolving to believe.  Is that in 1998, the Federal Government was taken over by a Coalition of Fascists, Marxists and Communists masquerading as Democrats.  The biggest mistake of the presidency of George W Bush, was not removing the Clinton Infestation from power. These people have been running the government for some 24 years now. 

How did we know?  Read the Financial Report of the GAO in 2010. 

We have had direct dealings with this woman, who envisions herself as the next Dowager on the planet.  You need to go back to Chinese history to find out about the last Dowager.  Maybe you will understand why she is a Chinese Communist Agent and has accepted donations from the Communist Chinese military.  Just ask Charlie Trie.

What else did we know in 2008?   That the IRS was Infected and was not to be trusted.  This is why we never bothered to file for 501c4 status and save $400.  The IRS and the Marxist Infection are united and the recent allegations and hearings have proven that once again Mike Wiley was right, when everyone else did not even know.