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"The phone call came and I was told that the White House was discussing me at this very moment and that I had more political power in my hands than I could imagine.  Now was the time to deal with the Clinton's to get the best deal." 

You can imagine my disgust after sacrificing my marriage, my home and my radio career for the 1994 Florida US Senate Seat, to have these Elitist trash think they could buy me out of the race.  It was at this point that I realized deception was my next move in defense of my nation and the freedom's these Criminal Socialists were threatening.  To increase my political knowledge, I baited the White House agent into thinking that I could be bought. His return call informed me of the offer, "Job in Washington for two years until the 1996 election, an open primary in District 1 or 2 in Florida for the 1996 Congressional Race, where I had swept the Conservative Pro Gun Democrat vote and finally $4,000 a month in income so I could pay my mortgage and not lose my house, if I campaigned for Hillary's brother for the next two months.  The day after I told them to shove it, they attacked me as an Anti-Semitic Jew. These are the kind of people we are fighting so join us on the Judicial Front.    To Learn more fill out the contact form below.
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Eliot Ness
Treasury Agent
Eliot Ness born on Patriots Day April 19, joined the U.S. Treasury Department in 1927, working with the 300-strong Bureau of Prohibition, in Chicago.  Following the election of President Herbert Hoover, U.S. Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon was specifically charged with bringing down gangster Al Capone. 

With Chicago's corrupted law-enforcement agents endemic, Ness went through the records of all Prohibition agents to create a reliable team, initially of 50, later reduced to 15 and finally to just eleven men called, "The Untouchables". Raids against illegal stills and breweries began immediately; within six months Ness claimed to have seized breweries worth over one million dollars. The main source of information for the raids was an extensive wire-tapping operation. An attempt by Capone to bribe Ness' agents was seized on by Ness for publicity, leading to the media nickname, "The Untouchables." There were a number of assassination attempts on Ness, and one close friend of his was killed.

The efforts of Ness and his team had a serious impact on Capone's operations; the main task of the Untouchables was to deprive Capone of the income sources for the graft payments that were his greatest protection, with an ancillary concern being the maintenance of public awareness of the federal government's activity against Capone.
The Untouchables - Join Mike Wiley and fight government corruption where ever you may find it.
​Barack Hussein Obama a.k.a. Barry Soetoro was born in Kenya or Hawaii.  He is the first undocumented President in American history, allowing for the hiding of his criminal past and present. The son and grandson of communists was trained at the Chicago Institute for Criminal Politicians and graduated  Harvard University's Criminal Politicians Law Program, which has graduated such un-indicted Democratic Criminals as Franklyn Raines, Jaimie Gereleck, and Barney Frank to name a few.  Since 1998 during the Reign of Billy the Criminal and his wife the Hatchet Lady, the General Accounting Office has been unable to approve the financial records of the Federal Government.  It is time for another group of "Untouchables" to come forward and bring Justice to a corrupt Federal Government.
Barack Obama
Democrat's Crime Lord
Mike Wiley