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The pen is mightier than the AR-15, for now!
Welcome to the Alliance of Free States
How many counties does it take to control the United States of America?  Less than 20.

If you follow the history of the Democratic Party in its quest to control America with a National Socialist grip, you will see that their goal is to control the nation with the least amount of land as possible to manage. 

If they can pack millions of voters into urban settings and keep them content to stay enslaved in this conclave then it is easier to mobilize a larger group of voters than your opponents who are spread out among the countryside.  When you look at the elections map, America is 85 to 90% red, yet not in power because of laws passed to reform the Republic into a Democracy where majority rules.

One million people should not have the power to control the destiny of 300 million, yet that is how it works in America today.  Join us for this battle and donate to our organization, which is not a 501.C4, because we do not believe in the infected Internal Revenue Service or its mandate to steal from the American people in the light of the day.

Is this what is to follow Imam Obama?
Now they are  after "Our" Constitution and that battleground is in the courts!!!!

 Sun Tsu - "When your enemy is stronger avoid,  find their weakness and then attack"!!
Why support the Alliance of Free States, Inc.? 
We are not afraid to fight.   We defeated gun control in 1994!

US sheriffs lay down challenge to Obama in public vow to defy gun laws

Clash between county law enforcement and government likely as quartet say they will not enforce 'unconstitutional actions'

Defend the Nation by Defending the State! 
Defend the State by Defending the County!  
More than 80% of America's counties support the Constitution
So then why is America run by Marxist Pigs?

Anybody hear of a Sheriff named Joe Arpaio, huh?

See more Sheriffs who are fighting our fight!