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of the G O P
The Number One threat to the American People 
is the Democratic Totalitarian Party!

 The Global Elites declared war on the USA in 1913 and have been successful in capturing control of a once great party that no longer acts for the benefit of working families.
As the son and grandson of Teamsters, growing up in a union household in Massachusetts, I learn to appreciate the value of a good union job and how it works to protect the American Family.

Unfortunately, like most politics the Union Leadership got into bed with the Totalitarian Left of the Democratic Party to bring it to power in 1993 known as the Clintonian Empire led by President Bill Clinton and his wife the Dowager of China reborn. 

The Dowager of China was the most ruthless leader in Chinese history and now her reincarnation taking the shape of Hillary Rodham Clinton would lead to death and destruction to those who got in her way to power.  I was one of those people -
 (Diary of Hillary's Right Wing Conspirator)

After eight years of Communist rule by the Imam Hussein of America, the United States has seen it's federal debt double to $20 trillion, while America's infrastructure has been all but ignored, while the rest of the world has moved forward.  America's military was allowed to decay to a level not seen since World War I.

The Islamic Enemies of America sent a Trojan horse to America ordained in Pakistan in 1981 and groomed by the Black Muslim Organization of Chicago and the remnants of the Sixties Terrorists like Bill Ayers.

Under the Communist -Terrorist Rule of Imam Hussein twenty million American lost their jobs and joined the seventy-four million out of the work force, while the lying Department of Truth reports unemployment at 4.6%.  

Hussein Obama was billed as the most transparent leader ever elected yet he started right off by having his college records sealed to prevent Americans from learning that the Democratic Totalitarian Party had nominated the first Indonesian Muslim to the Presidency against the laws established in the Constitution.

With the fifth Populist Revolution leading to the election to the American Presidency of Donald J Trump in 2016, the Dowager Hillary or Tsu Shi Two and her Boxer Street gangs of Black Lives Matter and her Bolshevik Brigades were forced to begin a new and more comprehensive Terrorist campaign against the American people and their new President.

ISIS has killed hundreds while the Democrats have killed millions. One day when America once again has a free press you will read where more Americans were killed by the Clinton's, than by ISIS here in the United States.